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Sarah Vanderveen

Sarah Koops Vanderveen is a surf mom, writer, blogger and member of Redbud Writers Guild. She is the former editor of The Mars Hill Review, a literary journal focused on the intersection of faith and culture. She lives in Laguna Beach,Calf., with her husband and their two teenage sons. Read more by Sarah at her blog, "Once by the Pacific."

Blog Posts by Sarah Vanderveen

Posted by Sarah Vanderveen 3 years 11 weeks ago
A new poem by Sarah Vanderveen...I pulled on my wetsuitquick, quickpausing to take note of a new hole under the left arm, darnitand paddled out.
Posted by Sarah Vanderveen 3 years 12 weeks ago
A new poem by Sarah VanderveenThe Painting Lesson, and a PrayerTwo women in hats, feet solidly planted in the damp grass, lean toward a canvas propped against an easel. One woman dabs intently with a...
Posted by David Vanderveen, Sarah Vanderveen 3 years 13 weeks ago
HE SAID: David VanderveenReal marriages develop from two people who are committed to making them work. The specifics of how two real people make one real marriage work is largely irrelevant given the...
Posted by Sarah Vanderveen 3 years 14 weeks ago
...Now that the brittle, shedding Christmas treeis down by the streetand the ornaments have all been put away,I flip through pictures of beach walksand parties and presents opened and sunsets....
Posted by Sarah Vanderveen 3 years 25 weeks ago
With her teenage son reading The Great Gatsby for school, poet Sarah Vanderveen revisits Fitzgerald's masterpiece, this time as an audio experience.