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Stacey Schwenker

Advertising Sales Associate

Born and raised in West Chester, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, Stacey joined the Sojourners marketing team in 2011.  As the advertising sales associate she has the joy of partnering with many interesting organizations to bring about greater opportunities for their growth.

Her interest in social justice began when she was 11 years old and went to a Children’s International Summer Village (CISV) in Norway.  It was there that she was connected with kids from over a dozen countries and began to see that, despite the injustice that can take place in the world, there also exists an even greater potential for love and peace between the different members of the human race.  She followed this experience by studying abroad in Rouen, France and volunteering with the Alpha Phi Omega co-ed service fraternity during her college years at Indiana University.  At IU she received a bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business.
After graduation she felt conflicted about how best to use her business degree and looked for life experiences outside an office.  Though she had spent three summers interning at General Electric Aircraft Engines during her undergraduate work, she chose to join the team at Wheelie Fun Multisport selling bicycles and running shoes.  She also began working with high school youth and coordinating local service activities with them.  It was in a dimly lit high school theater, after a very honest conversation with several teenagers, that she felt the call to go into ministry.
Stacey received her Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.  While pursuing her degree she worked at the Neighborhood Urban Family Center, an after-school program for at-risk elementary school kids in Pasadena, California.  Through the hours of tutoring, reading, and playing, the children she encountered taught her so much, and she will always hold fond memories of them in her heart.
She is passionate about gender equality, healthy Christian sexuality, the book of Ruth, Psalms, and the theme of covenant throughout Scripture.  Her other interests include cycling, running, handwritten letters, a good cup of tea, fresh-baked bread, and the magic of Disney.

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I don’t know what came over me. Was it what Noel Castellanos (CEO of CCDA) had said? What Jim Wallis (President of Sojourners) had said? Perhaps. I couldn’t keep the tears from coming. Walking up...
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As people stepped on our toes and stood anxiously in front of us, waiting to exit the crowded theater, three of us sat weeping at the close of Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Even now, as I recall that...
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Our health care system is not arbitrary. It does not operate by a set of principles that are beyond comprehension. We govern it. We participate in its capitalistic maneuvering and its political...
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This morning I prayed naked. This exercise is part of a 50 Day Challenge I am doing.  Some friends of mine created 50 Suggestions to Embrace Healthy Sexuality and one of them is strip off one’s...

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