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We currently have the table of contents for all back issues of Sojourners magazine from Fall 1971, and we have online content for all back issues since January 1994. You can find them below or through our search engine using key words in the text. To obtain printed copies of available back issues, including those before 1994, visit the Sojourners Resource Center or call 1-800-714-7474 or (202)328-8842.

Sojourners 2015

  • Divest!
  • Our oh-so-polite neighbor to the north is leading the world in destructive mining practices. Pretty rude, eh?
  • Resisting ISIS
  • Pro-Israeli, Pro-Palestine, Pro-Jesus
  • Haiti: Five Years After the Quake
  • What the Bible Says (and doesn't say) about gays, lesbians, and the church.

Sojourners 2014

  • The Man Who Wrote King's Most Dangerous Speech
  • How to Suppress the Vote: Millions of American will line up to vote in the midterm elections. Many of them will be turned away by new laws that restrict voting rights.
  • Ground Operation
  • Rigged
  • Dismantling the 'New Jim Crow'
  • Fostering Family
  • Did Jesus Pray to Allah?
  • This is what tradition looks like.
  • Reclaiming the Word: Indigenous theologians find redemptive power in the same gospel used by Western missionaries to divide and conquer.
  • Hell: Beyond Fire and Brimstone
  • Twisted Theology: Churches that still treat women as inferior are distorting the image of God.

Sojourners 2013

  • Grief, Courage, and Perseverance. Reflections on guns and hope, a year after Newtown.
  • Thirsty? Pay up. How corporations are cornering the market on our nation's water supply.
  • Pastor, Prophet ... Reformer? Pope Francis' contagious spirit shakes up the church.
  • Healing Hands: From Pentecostal faith healers to congregational health networks, churches bring their own touch to health care.
  • Drones for Christ: How the world's largest Christian university became an evangelist for drone warfare.
  • What God Has Joined
  • Licking climate change: How people of faith are helping to turn the tide against global warming.
  • A Gospel for the Common Good: What religion forgets and politics hasn't learned.
  • Life, unplugged: Richard Rohr on finding God in the depths of silence.
  • A Heart for Peace. The surprising new surge in evangelical peacemaking.

Sojourners 2012

  • Redefining success.
  • Election 2012: Jim Wallis on how to choose a president
  • What About Me? Why people of faith should care about public education (and what they can do about it).
  • Who Owns Democracy? Big money has corrupted our politics, and We the People want it fixed. What will it take to clean up the mess?
  • Teach Your Children Well
  • Inside the Mind of a Hate Group
  • 'The Baptist Preacher Who Banned Fried Chicken' and Other Stories of Churches on the Front Lines of Healthy Eating
  • Banking for the Rest of Us
  • Where do we find hope? Civil rights historian Vincent Harding on what it takes to preserve hope for the long haul.
  • Breaking the chains of the global slave trade will take every weapon in the arsenal of nonviolence.
  • And God said, all nations will submit to your exceptional status. And the other nations said, like, dude, you gotta be kiddin' me.

Sojourners 2011

  • The Occupy movement rekindles hope from New York to Seattle and around the world. What's next?
  • From a Shoebox to a Movement: For 40 years, Sojourners has been fighting the good fight. Where do we go from here?
  • Peace Be Upon Them: Christians and Muslims in the post-9/11 world.
  • Your Daughters Will Prophesy: Why girls hold the key to a new South Africa
  • Organizing: Is There an App for That? How online tools are transforming the way social change happens.
  • Let Them Eat Tanks: How the Pentagon's binge spending is starving the rest of us.
  • The Surprising Power of Nonviolence: How Egyptian activists turned enemies into allies -- and pulled off a revolution.
  • Overcoming Denial: How to talk to climate change skeptics (with all due respect). Ten myths about global warming, and what the science really says.
  • Afghanistan: Why it's time to end the war, and how to do it. The human cost, abroad and at home. Securing rights for women and girls after the exit.
  • Cruel and Unequal: How our penal system mass-produces second-class citizens.
  • Is God Violent? What the scandal of the cross says about the nature of God.